May 26, 2009


hey shoppers!

it has been a busy month indeed for the frugal mugal team; nad had 2 weeks of induction and BTC course and us fellas have to start off the BAGGY PROJECT by ourselves; fun nevertheless. it tooks us 2 weeks also to plan and get the things that needed for the project, we went all over KL! plus both of us fellas had to take 2 days holiday just to get the project on track. in the end, the hard work is paid off with this smashing looking bag that exudes happiness everywhere!
ladies and gentlemen i present to you our first edition BAGGY PROJECT entitled;

Rainbow World!

its RM30 per piece and more designs to come soon. its made of tough canvas like clothed woven with felt fabrics.

its on sale on the Pekan Frijan this coming Saturday! 30th May 3pm on wards, at Laman Menara Jam, Plaza Alam Sentral.

Online sales stars 31st May.

then as there has been few comments on how 'fit' i have been looking nowadays, i thought to myself why not get some exercise that are not so conventional. i came up with horse riding and apparently this is the best place to start getting the equipments; boots, saddle and even the crop! ;) he he .. i know what that is good for! but anyway.. surveying places to learn that, but somehow i've heard UPM is teach at RM900 for 10 classes? not sure, need to check this out.

alrite, thats all for now folks. will update more soon!
See you at PEKAN FRIJAN yaaaaaaaaaa...

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