Apr 13, 2009


one of comments we received regarding my blog is that it should be a bit more 'girlish'. well as the moderators are 2 blokes and 1 gal, we'll try to 'girlish' things up to a certain level that we can endure. a flower here and there maybe?

ha ha .

anyway. thanks so much to all those who bought our stuff (mainly office mates) we appreciate for supporting us.

insyallah by next week we'll have new shipments of Kain to all you ladies to oggle at.


don't forget to book a date with up handsome blokes on:

25th april
laman menara jam, shah alam (infront of SACC).
3pm - 9pm

26th april
SOHO. Mont Solaris. Mont Kiara
(unconfirmed time)

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